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The success story of “Ozdence construction" started in the   “Black Sea province of Ordu” Turkey and continue to be written in sunny “Mediterranean Region” 

This journey, which started with the construction of cooperatives in Gazipaşa, the famous district of Antalya's agriculture and greenhouse cultivation" in 1987.

After this period, in 1993 because of the efforts of   "Kürşat and Sururi Özdence" brothers to focus on "Trust, Quality and Customer Satisfaction" all their performance was crowned with the establishment of the “Özdence Construction” company.

As a result of numerous successful projects completed in the Mediterranean region, company also become popular for investors coming to Turkey from abroad.

Ozdence Construction and investors from Germany, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, and Ireland completed successful construction and investment projects in the region.

In 2009 Ozdence Construction become a business partner with the successful Real Estate company of Alanya, "Home Real Estate Company “knowledge and experience" become together. With their own strong roots which came from past they established a solid foundation in the construction and real rstate industry.

With the partnership of Jordanian businessman Khalid Saif's KIWI Real Estate company in this bilateral partnership in 2018, the company continues its success stories under the name "Ozdence Group".

The positive synergy created by the Ozdence Construction and Home Real Estate and KIWI Real Estate brands continue to serve everyone who dreams of building a happy life for themselves, in establishing the life they want.

Yours sincerely,

Ozdence Construction