Information about the Title Deed


This guide has been prepared to help foreign real persons not to encounter problems in acquiring real estate in our country. However, the guide does not substitute the necessary professional consultancy services. 1. Legal basis: Pursuant to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended by the Law No. 6302, which entered into force in May, the practice of seeking reciprocity in the acquisition of real estate by foreign real persons in our country has been abandoned.

It is possible to obtain information from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate General in your country, or from your country's representatives in Turkey, about whether you can acquire real estate and limited real rights in our country.

It would be appropriate for foreign real persons to pay attention to the following points in order not to incur losses while purchasing real estate in our country: 2. Formal arrangement of contracts: According to the current legislation in Turkey, official contracts aiming at the transfer of immovable property must be made at the Land Registry Offices where the immovable is located.

In addition, it is possible to sign a “preliminary sales contract” in the presence of a notary public before the official sale. The acquisition of ownership of the immovable whose sales contract is made officially is possible by registration at the Land Registry Offices. Legal restrictions on acquisition of real estate by foreigners: A. Foreigners can purchase real estate to use as a workplace or residence in Turkey, provided that they comply with legal restrictions. However, even in different cities, the total area of ​​immovables that a foreign person can purchase in Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectares.

Before foreigners buy real estate, it is also necessary to obtain permission from the military authorities in the region. If the subject property is located within the security zone, it is important to clarify this issue before making the payment, since it will not be possible to sell to foreigners. Practical information 

A. In the applications of foreign national real persons to the relevant land registry directorates for the acquisition of real estate:

- Their identity documents or passports,
- The residence permits issued by the relevant police directorates for foreigners whose real estate acquisition is subject to a residence permit,
- In case they take a power of attorney based on the power of attorney issued from abroad, the original of the power of attorney together with its translations, or They are required to bring a certified copy with them.

B. Before making sales contracts, matters such as whether the immovable is registered with limited real rights, whether it is mortgaged or whether there is any situation that prevents its sale should be checked from the relevant Land Registry Office.

Foreigners who want to buy property in our country, - Not to sign legally binding contracts and make payments without obtaining information about the real estate in question at the Land Registry Offices, provided that they prove that they are related,

- Not to initiate transactions without researching the seller person or companies, not to work with individuals or companies that cannot prove that they are serious and reliable In case of any dispute regarding the purchase and sale, it is necessary to bring the situation to the judiciary and file a lawsuit in Turkish courts. It is not possible for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign representatives to intervene in the judicial process.