About Alanya


Alanya was established on a small peninsula with the Taurus Mountains in the North and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.

Since it was located on the line between Pamphylia and Cilicia in ancient times, it was sometimes called Pamphylia and sometimes Cilicia.

Alanya is located on 36 degrees 33 minutes north latitude and 32.01 degrees east longitude as coordinates. Its area is 2,085 km2.

Its located just in the edge of, Mediterranean Sea in the south, Gazipaşa in the east, Manavgat in the west, and the Taurus Mountains in the north.

At that time, only the castle area was used as a settlement, but over time, the city expanded to its current state.

A typical Mediterranean climate prevails, rainy in winter, dry, humid and hot in summer.

Because a sheltered area surrounded by mountains is sheltered, it is closed to the winds blowing from these sides. Due to this microclimate feature, many vegetables and tropical fruits grown in different parts of the world are grown in the region.