01 June 2021 11:52

Alanya's Tosmur district, located on the edge of the a stream  which is flowing from the Dim valley with the same name, has a different climate from the city center compared to the other districts of Alanya.With the effect of the fresh air and stream coming from the valley.

In this region, where high-rise buildings are located, large estates with luxury apartments and 5-6-storey buildings built in earlier times constitute the general architectural structure.

In the region, which has a lively structure due to the touristic facilities in the region, you can lead a quiet life when the winter time comes and the tourist season ends, and you can take pleasant walks by the river after the summer season.

If you live in one of the buildings  of luxury apartments on the beachfront, you can witness the magnificent images created by the storms and rain clouds with the sunlight when the calm sea of ​​the Mediterranean comes in the winter.

You can meet all your needs for living within walking distance and enjoy life in your peaceful home.

There is no doubt that you will have a good life if you choose to live in this region, which is preferred by foreign citizens and locals.

If you are dreaming of turning a new page in your life and dreaming of a life with brand new happy memories, Tosmur region is just for you with its clean and fresh air.

You can easily reach the center whenever you want while cycling on its streets, meet new people from different nationalities walking on the coastline and spice up your social life.
The new page of your life is waiting for you in Tosmur.

“We are here to make your dreams come true.”
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