01 June 2021 11:52

Bektas neighborhood is an area with magnificent , “sea and castle” views, located on the slopes of the mountains rising on the north side of Alanya city center.

In terms of general architecture, there are complexes of luxury villas and detached luxury villas in the region.

An endless Mediterranean view and clean mountain air are the most important features of Bektas region. The Bektas district, which you reach after the roads extending from the city center to the mountains, is located around the wide valley.

The pine forest, located just above the region, is the source of its clean and abundant “oxygenated air.”

The region, which is 15-20 minutes away from the city center, is a living space preferred by foreign citizens with high income groups who have established a new life in Alanya.

While climbing the mountains with your car towards your home in Bektas neighborhood, “a feeling of comfort" surrounds you when you arrive at your home, where you will be able to get away from the city life in such a short time and enjoy the nature and sea view.

The dominant scent of plants growing naturally in the mountains fills your balcony and covers your whole house. For this reason, “you always miss your home” in Bektas when you are far away.

If you are dreaming of a life where you can jog in the morning, strengthen your body's health with nature walks, and relax your soul with the energy of the generous sun on the terrace of your villa, Bektas neighborhood is “just for you.”

One of the luxuries and spacious villas built with quality craftsmanship to meet all your dream needs “can be yours.”

If you want to change your life and say "hello" to a new life, Bektas neighborhood is just for you.

The “new life” you really want is waiting for you to                “take a step.”


“We are here to make your dreams come true.”

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