01 June 2021 11:52

Avsallar is about 20 km away from the center of Alanya.

Region preferred by foreign citizens to lead a “quiet life in nature” and Avsallar is also known with its “unique beaches.”

In this region, which rises from the sea to the Taurus Mountains, tourism and the products grown in greenhouses constitute the general economic structure of the region.

The unique "İncekum and Fığla beach" are among the most beautiful places in the region and luxury holiday villages along the coastline for about 10 km.

The architectural structure of the region is detached luxury villas located in forested lands after sea level and the                    "living complexes" with security guards and surrounded, where all your needs are considered.

The ongoing construction works in the Avsallar region stand out as “luxury and high quality” projects.

If you own a property in Avsallar, since you will live in a location right in the middle of both Alanya and Side Antique City, you can easily go to the historical and natural beauties in the region with your vehicle. You can easily reach the city life, and you can live in a quiet and nature place whenever you want you can relax in your lovely home.

Owning a house in Avsallar, which stands out as a "preferred" area for living, will undoubtedly increase your "quality of life".

The wind coming from the Mediterranean and the mountains, “fresh air and plenty of oxygen” will also have positive effects on your health.

If you like to travel and discover new places, you can see many historical and natural beauties in the Mediterranean region with daily trips and relax at your home at the end of the day.

When you own real estate in Avsallar, there is no doubt that you will lead a good life.

In addition, since the region is one of the preferred living spaces, the property you own increases day by day while you live in it.

If you have “dreams” as we mentioned above, if you are thinking of living a life like this, and more importantly, if you “really” want it, owning a house in Avsallar will definitely “increase your quality” of life.


“We are here to make your dreams come true.”

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